Welcome to The Frugal Millionaires
Winner : National Best Books Award
Winner, Silver Medal : Axiom Business Book Award
Finalist : Next Generation Indy Book Awards

"[TFM]. . .contains more apropos information than found in
a year's worth of Wall Street Journals." 
- Mark M. Owens, Ph.D.,  Armchair Interviews

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Announcing a new way to look at
personal finances and growing your wealth: 
The Frugal Millionaires
This book will change the way people think about millionaires. It is the most honest "give back" of information in the history of personal finance publishing.

What's inside: 

70 millionaires anonymously share their ideas about
        money to help each other and you.

        • What sets millionaires apart from the other 98% of 
        the US population.

        • The 6 ways millionaires think differently about money.

        • Why being frugal doesn’t mean being cheap.

        • What these frugal millionaires might have in common
        with you.

        • Over 800 wealth growing ideas across 24 categories,
: investments, mortgages,  real estate,  
        credit cards, buying/leasing cars, saving and spending,
        donating to charity, taxes, conserving resources,
        recycling, marriage, and retirement.

        • 15 things that a model
frugal millionaire would love.

The frugal millionaire’s favorite mottoes about money.

The prized possessions they acquired after they
        became millionaires.





Publisher: Mentor Press LLC     ISBN: 978-0-9768999-2-1
5.5" X 8.5" X .625"   191 pages   Softcover only
$21.95 US/Canada 

Author's Note:

A special thanks…to my editor Christine Willmsen who is a twice Pulitzer Award nominated investigative reporter for the Seattle Times. I appreciate her taking time out of her busy schedule to work on this project.

A portion of the profits from this book will go to charities designated by the anonymous millionaire contributors. This book is a "give back" to help everyone be smarter with their money.

This book has no hidden agendas and is not trying to sell you seminars, workbooks or t-shirts. It is available in paperback only and priced to be affordable. It is printed on recycled paper in the United States.

                                                    - Jeff Lehman