"Aren't the millionaires who have kept and grown their net worth the ones you really want to learn from?"


Seattle, WA


About the Author

Jeff Lehman
 is a former media executive,
an entrepreneur, and an award winning author. The Frugal Millionaires is his second book.

Jeff’s father took him to his first shareholder meeting at the age of thirteen. (That’s a great way to start your teen years according to his dad.) From that point on he was interested in the idea of investing and being smart with money.

He has made slightly more “smart” decisions about money than “dumb” ones and is grateful to have so many brilliant and wealthy people around him to constantly learn from.

Jeff grew up in Coral Gables, Florida and earned his BSBA and MBA from the University of Central Florida in Orlando.

He “gives back” by helping mentor business students at the University of Central Florida and the University of Washington.

Jeff is an avid sailor who has competed in a transatlantic yacht race. He has also studied architecture and law. He lives in Seattle, Washington.



















Contact him at: author (at) TheFrugalMillionaires (dot) com

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